Why the world needs influencers right now

Coronavirus. It’s a word that 99% of people would not know the meaning of just 6 months ago but now it’s the word that you just can’t stop seeing or hearing about. Coronavirus, or more specifically Covid-19, has caused havoc all around the world with the current amount of cases confirmed cases standing at over 275,000 (although the actual figure is understood to be much higher). Italy is in lockdown. France is in lockdown and now it looks increasingly like the UK will be soon too.

So at desperate times like these we need our fantastic NHS Staff who are bravely fighting this virus on the front lines. We need our fantastic scientists working day and night to try and figure out how we can best tackle this deadly disease. We need our leaders to be a pillar of strength and guidance amongst all the chaos. But, it is also in times like these that we need influencers right now and here are three reasons why.


Podcast with people laughing
At times like these a podcast can be great a distraction and mood booster. This one a photo from Matt D’Avella’s podcast available on YouTube and Spotify.

This one is simple but you cannot under-estimate it’s importance. At difficult times like these, where people are worried, scared or just bored out their goddamn minds, influencers can simply help take their mind off things. Whether that’s through a fun vlog on YouTube, a live-stream on Twitch or a podcast episode, something that can lift people’s spirits and transport them to another place in their mind can be exactly what people need right now.


Old camera with Facebook Live sticker stuck on its side
Now is the time to think outside the box and get creative. Photo by Sticker Mule on Unsplash.

During this difficult time science is being forced to work 100mph and is racing to find drugs and medicines that could help fight Covid-19. We will no doubt see some great scientific advancements made over the next year or two as research as scientists from all over the world unite to fight a common enemy. However, science is not the only industry that is going to be forced to adapt during these unprecedented times.

Influencers are going to have to get creative to find ways to still provide good content for their followers despite being restricted in numerous ways. Now is the time to think outside the box. What content can be created that doesn’t require going outside? Can you think of some fun engaging content that an audience can interact with? Remember, it’s important not to just think about how restricted we are, but also how unrestricted we are. The internet is a fantastic thing that allows you to connect with millions and we’re seeing some great creativity already such as pub quizzes hosted on twitch and keep fit classes on Facebook Live.


Youtuber Finlay Games talking to camera
YouTubers such as Finlay Games have opened up about how Coronavirus has impacted their mental health in the hope of helping others.

Whilst escapism is a very important part of online influencing and especially on platforms such as YouTube, there’s another important aspect to influencing. Another important role that influencers can play right now is to be a point of information, guidance and support. Right now, a lot of people are struggling with mental health whether that be anxiety, loneliness, depression or just generally feeling a bit rubbish. Influencers can be a pillar of support at this time and help their followers keep their mental health in check.

In the last couple of days I’ve seen some fantastic videos pop up in my subscription box on YouTube at times when they’re just what I needed – such as Matt D’Avella’s How to deal with uncertainty video.

What most people need right now are friends, and without getting too corny, influencers can be like a really good friend right now. A really good friend that can make you laugh and take your mind off your worries, provide you with important information and just be a source of support. If that doesn’t sum up why we need influencers right now then I don’t know what does.

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