The four best ways to improve your content and increase your following as an influencer

Credit: Photo by Diggity Marketing on Unsplash

  1. Post the pictures/videos you want to see

This might seem like an obvious one but it is really important. A saying that is often said about love is “you can’t expect somebody else to love you if you don’t first learn to love yourself”. I think this saying can apply to many more things than just romantic love if you just change it slightly. For example, how you can you expect others to love the content you’re putting out if you don’t first love it yourself? Put out content that makes you feel something because the likelihood is that if you really like it, then others will too.

A good tip is to look at the influencers you like and pinpoint exactly what it is you like about their content. Maybe you like the interesting places they show you on their Instagram, maybe you like the interesting people they have on their videos or maybe it’s the subtle elegance they seem to capture in their photos that means you cannot help but double tap every post they put out.

What can you learn from these influencers that you can put into your own content? Just make sure you don’t plagiarise, make your content unique and put your own stamp on it!

  1. Quantity and Quality!

There isn’t a rule book for Influencing but if there was one, one of the first rules would be post regularly. The whole “hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a while” introduction on a Youtube video has become a bit of a meme at this point. The thing is, you should be happy every time you hear that intro. Why? Because it highlights a trap that so many creators fall into but you will avoid; that most creators simply don’t create enough. It sounds crazy but it is often a major reason why creators stay creators and don’t move up into the bracket of becoming an influencer.

Create! Don’t fall into the trap many do of simply not creating enough content. Credit: Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

Influencers need to be regularly interacting with their followers. Whether that’s on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. If you aren’t posting content or interacting with your followers regularly then you will never be able to gain momentum and build your fanbase.

It isn’t just a case of putting out crap though. Your posts need to be of a certain quality but don’t fall be wary not to fall into another common pitfall; overthinking content. When we say quality we don’t mean that every post you put up has to go viral and get you tons of views or likes.

Simply posting a selfie on Instagram or a just a 15 minute screen share of a video game on Youtube might not seem like much but it is better than nothing and it will help keep that steady stream of content flowing.

  1. Collaborate!

Collaborating with another influencer can be a great way to easily tap into another person’s audience. Credit: Photo by DISRUPTIVO on Unsplash

Collaboration is so important if you want to grow your followers and get some exposure to new audiences. Done right a collaboration can benefit both parties and be a really fun way of keeping your content fresh. There are two important things to bear in mind when it comes to choosing who to collaborate with:

  1. Will this equally benefit both of us? Collaborations can’t be one-sided when it comes to benefits. A one million follower Instagrammer is not going to want to do a shoot with you if you only have 10 thousand followers. Choose someone with a similar (give or take 20%) following to yourself.
  2. Will my audience like the content of the influencer I’m collaborating with? Is their content similar enough that I know my followers will like it but also different enough that it will provide something fresh and interesting to their feed?

4.  Get creative

Don’t be afraid to “push the boat out” when it comes to your content, especially at the beginning. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and formats. If you’re starting out on Youtube try a range of different videos (how-tos, reviews, vlogs, skits etc.) until you find your niche. You want to find the videos that you enjoy and that cater to your skill set, don’t try and be something you’re not but don’t be afraid to try new things and push your limits.


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