Streamy Awards 2020 Preview

Next weekend the 10th annual Streamy Awards are taking place. The Streamy Awards, often called the ‘Oscars of the internet’, celebrate the best of online creators and were first held in 2009. Typically dominated by YouTubers, this year’s nomination list tells a story of an evolving influencer landscape with a number of TikTok stars up for several awards including ‘Creator of the Year’ and ‘Breakout Creator’. In this article, I take a look at some of the major categories and give you our predictions for who will win the two biggest prizes – Creator of the Year and Breakout Creator. So, let’s get into it!

Creator of the Year

There’s some big creators hoping they’ll get their hands on the top prize at the Streamys this year. From left to right: MrBeast, Charli D’Amelio and David Dobrik

Let’s start with arguably the most prestigious prize up for grabs – Creator of the Year. Last year it was won by YouTuber Tana Mongeau but who will win the top award this year?

Whilst YouTube continues to dominate the Streamys, out of the ten nominations for this years prize three are Tik Tokkers. This might not seem like much, however it’s worth noting that it was only last year that a Tik Tokker was nominated for the first time and this year there’s three of them! Below is a full list of the nominees:

  • Addison Rae –  @addisonre – TikTok
  • Charli D’Amelio – @charlidamelio – TikTok
  • David Dobrik – David Dobrik – YouTube
  • Dixie D’Amelio – @dixiedamelio – TikTok
  • Emma Chamberlain – Emma Chamberlain – YouTube
  • James Charles – James Charles – YouTube
  • Larray – Larray – YouTube
  • Marques Brownlee – Marques Brownlee – YouTube
  • Mr Beast – MrBeast – YouTube
  • Sarah Cooper – @sarahcpr – Twitter

Our prediction

There’s a lot of really fantastic creators up for Creator of the Year but it’s hard to see anyone winning it other than Charli D’Amelio. In April this year she became the first TikTokker to gain 50 million followers and just 7 months later in November she became the first to gain 100 million. Most creators would be chuffed if they got 1 million new followers in 7 months, let alone 50 million. To put her following in perspective, all of the other YouTubers combined have the equivalent of 120 million followers. Getting this award would surely top off a great year for Charli who, along with her sister Dixie, was recently included in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for social media – a highly regarded list that recognises the best young entrepreneurs of the year.

That being said, Mr Beast has had another good year that has seen him create viral video after viral video. The YouTuber, who won Breakout Creator at last year’s awards, has amassed over 1.5 billion video views over the last 12 months, working out to an average of 40 million views a video. It’s not just about views though, in 2020 Mr Beast went bigger and bolder than ever. During this year alone, he gave away over $5.5 million in his videos including Lamborghinis, houses and even a private island.

It’s a tough category but my gut says it’s got Charli’s name on it.

Breakout Creator

The Breakout Creator has been dominated by TikTok this year. Above our two hoping they’ll scoop the prize – Spencer X (left) and Addison Rae (right).

Another major prize up for grabs is ‘Breakout Creator’ that looks at which new influencers have made the biggest splash in 2020. Last year it was Mr Beast who took home the award however there’s a fresh new set of nominees all hoping they’ll be ones to scoop the prize this time around. Unsurprisingly, we see another good showing from TikTok with Charli D’Amelio nominated as well as Addison Rae and beat-boxer Spencer X. The full list of nominees are as follows:

  • Addison Rae –  @addisonre – TikTok
  • Charli D’Amelio – @charlidamelio – TikTok
  • Dream – Dream – YouTube
  • Spencer X – @spencerx – TikTok
  • ZHC – ZHC – YouTube

Our prediction

I think most people have little doubt that this prize has Charli D’Amelio’s name written all over it, as mentioned earlier in the article her growth on social media this year has been phenomal. If Charli D’Amelio wins both Creator of the Year and Breakout Creator then it would be for the first time in the awards 11-year-history. Whilst she might just miss out on ‘Creator of the year’, I think Charli winning ‘Breakout Creator’ is a pretty sure bet.

It’s interesting to see that for the first time in the awards history TikTok has dominated this category. It’s a really good sign for the platform that just a few months ago was put in potential jeopardy after Trump suggested he was going to ban the app in the US. There’s no doubt that these nominations for several high profile TikTok stars will ease some of the pressure on the platform and further solidify its place in the social media sphere.

Show of the Year

Nominees for the Show of The Year category include Andrew Rea’s Binging with Babish YouTube cooking series

There’s some other categories of note that I would like to mention. Show of the Year is another big category with some names you’ll surely recognise up for the prize. High profile YouTuber Liza Koshy’s Liza on Demand is on the list of nominees however she has stiff competition in the form of Binging with Babish. The cooking show, ran by YouTuber Andrew Rae, has seen him take on a huge variety of dishes including many from movies and tv-shows such as Lord of the Rings and Ratatouille. Here’s the full list of nominees:

  • A Heist with Markiplier – Markiplier – YouTube
  • Binging with Babish – Babish Culinary Universe – YouTube
  • Challenge Accepted – Michelle Khare – YouTube
  • Epic Rap Battles of History – ERB – YouTube
  • Game Master Network – Rebecca Zamolo – YouTube
  • Good Mythical Morning – Good Mythical Morning – YouTube
  • Instant Influencer – James Charles – YouTube
  • Liza on Demand – Liza Koshy – YouTube
  • Nikita Unfiltered – Nikita Dragun – Snapchat
  • UNHhhh – WOWPresents – YouTube

Best Podcast

Logan Paul has had found a lot of success with his IMPAULSIVE podcast featuring guests such as rapper 6ix9ine and Bella Thorne.

Another category you may be interested in is Best Podcast award. Nominees for this one include Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE and Ethan and Hila Klein’s H3 Podcast. Perhaps the biggest name missing from the list however is The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Joe Rogan’s podcast episodes regularly gain millions of views on YouTube so it was very surprising to not see him on the list. Here’s the full list of nominees:

  • Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain – Ramble
  • H3 Podcast – YouTube
  • IMPAULSIVE – YouTube
  • On Purpose with Jay Shetty – YouTube
  • VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash – Cadence13

How to find out more and where you can watch the Streamys

If you would like to see a list of all the award categories and the full list of nominees then head over to the Streamy Awards website. Alternatively, if you’d like to find out a bit more about some of the TikTok nominees then check out our Top Tik Tok Talent piece which includes some of the creators mentioned in this preview.

Also, you may be wondering how you can watch the Streamys this year. Well the good news is that, just like in previous years, the whole show will be streamed on YouTube on the Streamys Awards YouTube channel. The bad news is that it is in America, therefore to watch it live would mean tuning in at 2am on Sunday. However the beauty of YouTube is that you can always watch it back and there’ll no doubt be highlights floating around on YouTube by early next week.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this preview, if you haven’t already please make sure to like The Modern Influencer on Facebook and also check us out on Instagram and Twitter.

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