Chatting with The Third Wheel Podcast

The Third Wheel podcast hosts Aaron Conway (left) and Hamish Lacmane (right)
The Third Wheel Podcast is hosted by Aaron Conway (left) and Hamish Lacmane (right) with a new episode released every Sunday at 6pm.

There’s a new kid on the block of the Podcasting scene; they’re slightly awkward, love to have back and forths, and are happy to chat about pretty much anything – we’re talking about The Third Wheel Podcast. Hosted by friends Aaron Conway and Hamish Lacmane, the podcast has been running since October 2019 with a new episode released every Sunday at 6pm.

Below is a transcript of the highlights of our over-an-hour-long interview with Aaron and Hamish in which we discussed a number of things including how the podcast came about and whether Hamish thinks 50 Cent is more banterous than KSI.

Shortly we will also be releasing our ‘Top Five Tips for Starting a Podcast ft. The Third Wheel’ so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Without further ado, let’s get onto the interview:

Q: Hello Aaron Conway and Hamish, thanks for joining me. Firstly can you tell me how the podcast came about?

Hamish: “So it all really starts in 2017 during our fourth year at University. We were both at Warwick studying Computer Science and would often hang out in the department study areas. Me and Aaron would constantly argue and banter together while we were studying. During one of these typical back and forths a friend of ours, Yashas, said ‘why don’t you guys start a podcast’ and that’s when the idea was planted. However we only followed up on it after graduation, in early 2019, while Aaron was in San Francisco.”

Aaron: “So I don’t really remember that particularly moment at uni although I do remember we always used to argue a lot in the computer science labs. People used to listen in and get involved as well. We were just arguing about the most pointless stuff as well which is where I think the Yashas’ joke came in which was like ‘you should start a podcast’.”

“After graduation I worked in San Francisco as a year and it was while I was there, in January 2019, I remember Hamish messaged me saying ‘do you want to start a podcast’ and I was like ‘alright then’ and that’s pretty much how I remember the process started. Our first episode premiered on 7th October 2019 and we have uploaded a new episode every Sunday ever since.”

Q: Can you tell us what kind of things you talk about on the podcast?

Hamish: “That’s a difficult one to answer as we talk about a little bit of everything. We like to get a range of guests on that have a story to tell and let them tell it. We try not to force conversation and instead let it naturally flow where it wants to.”

Aaron: “Yes I would say that our content is quite varied. We’ve had some entrepreneurs who’ve started up business and projects in this country and abroad. We’ve also recently had someone on who was in Wuhan in December so had a unique insight into what it is like to be in total lockdown at a time when Coronavirus was just taking hold and the whole world was watching. At the end of the day it all comes down to stories, if we come across someone who has a particularly interesting story then we’ll try and get them on the podcast and share it.”

Q: This may be quite a tough question but who, in your opinion, is the best podcast guest you’ve had on the show?

A photo taken while recording episode #28 featuring guest Andy Elliot

Aaron: “It’s really hard to pick a favourite because we do have such a wide range of guests and you can’t really compare them to each other. The right answer is everyone is great but one that does stand out was the one we did with Andy Elliot who was a teacher out in Wuhan when Coronavirus first broke out. It was our first ever remote podcast so although it may have lacked the crisp finish of our other episodes it was really interesting to get Andy’s insight and discuss a topic that is defining our current times.”

Hamish: “Yeah I would agree with Aaron that it’s impossible to pick a ‘best’ guest, every guest has brought something really interesting to their episode so shout out to all of them. One that does come to mind is episode #14 with Lila Yin. She’s a musician who’s had over 300,000 plus plays on Spotify and so it was really cool to play her music in the episode and get the chance to chat to her about her story.”

Episode #14 featured musician Lila Yin who’s indie synth-pop tracks have garnered over 300,00 plays on Spotify.

Q: How much do you know about guests before you get them on air and do you discuss what you’re going to talk about with them beforehand?

Aaron: It depends. We have always talked beforehand with guests before they come on either on Instagram or on Facebook. However sometimes we reach out for guests or friends or friends of friends will come to us and put themselves forward for an episode.

Hamish: “As Aaron said, generally we will have just spoken online beforehand. We do send over a pdf ahead of recording an episode which gives the guest an idea of what we want to talk about but we don’t follow it strictly. We try not to find out too much about the guests so that we can find out stuff on air rather than beforehand so our conversation in the episode will be more authentic.”

Q: Who would be your dream guest to have on the podcast?

Hamish: “I would want 50 Cent to be a guest but someone in the UK would be KSI. Right now, if we got KSI it would be so big for us, or anyone from the Sidemen to be honest. 50 cent would be a banterous episode I think but it wouldn’t get the traction that getting KSI on would.”

Hamish believes that 50 Cent (pictured above, left) would be a “more banterous” episode than one featuring KSI (pictured above, right). Do you agree?

Aaron: “I think for me, I’m a massive Man United fan so it would be Sir Alex Ferguson. Someone with so much knowledge and so much he could share, I would love to just pick his brains.”

Q: Has Coronavirus made making your podcast and interviewing guests a lot harder? If so, how have you overcome those challenges?

Aaron: “Before coronavirus every episode would be either at my house or the guest’s house. We have all the equipment, we have three of everything – three stands, three mics etc. So the main difference is we’re now having to do everything online. We don’t use google hangouts or Zoom, we use a piece of software called Zencastr and Discord as well to record the episodes. The main difference I’ve found is that the environment maybe isn’t as comfortable. It’s just much nicer to do it in person, conversation flows easier, you can read body language better so it’s easier to know when to change the topic of conversation for example. One big positive however to come out of having to record online is that it’s made it possible to have international guests on the podcast such as entrepreneur Manan Mehta who is lives in Kolkata.”

Hamish: “From my perspective coronavirus has caused a few technical issues as my house is quite noisy and not really suited to recording a podcast. It’s just meant that we’ve had to put in extra time to edit episodes to get the sound right.”

Q: One final question, have you got any exciting guests coming on that you can tease us with?

Aaron: “So we have a few more international guests featuring on the podcast in the coming weeks so definitely look out for those. We also have a couple of special birthday episodes planned. So for example, Hamish’s birthday is in June and so we’re thinking of doing a special episode then where Hamish is the guest being interviewed by me and a special co-host of my Hamish’s choice.”

Hamish: “We have some really good guests lined up including a special guest from Lithuania. I would definitely recommend people go and follow us on Facebook (@thethirdwheelfm) and Instagram (@thethirdwheelfm) and Twitter (you’ve guessed it, @thethirdwheelfm). By following us on our social media you’ll not only get a heads up of who’s coming on the show but also teaser clips and behind the scenes stuff!”



Thanks to Hamish and Aaron for taking the time to talk to The Modern Influencer. For more information about their podcast check out their page on Anchor and also you can also head to their podcast directly on Spotify on Apple Podcasts. They release a new episode every Sunday at 6pm.

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