10 Awesome Instagram Accounts

Bored? Me too. To unshackle the chains of monotony, below are ten Instagram accounts to help dust off the mental cobwebs, inspire you and make you laugh. Enjoy.


The Food Medic

There are so many food accounts floating about. However, The Food Medic stands out from the rest as an educational platform founded by Dr Hazel Wallace, with easy-to-follow recipes rooted in the latest nutritional science.

It’s not just all about food – their website contains advice on medicine, exercise, mental health and lifestyle. It’s a one-stop shop to help shape you into a healthier human being.

A tasty recipe for potato fritters and halloumi, “ideal for home office days”

James Smith PT

It is tough to find a personal trainer who doesn’t come across as, well, a bit full of it! James Smith is the needle in the haystack. He is a down to earth, funny guy who provides concise, helpful, no-nonsense exercise advice for all abilities. Instead of feeling intimidated, James Smith inspires you to go out and get started.

Discussion topics are varied, from menstrual cycles to body confidence, rest days to masturbation! He also actively engages with his followers, so feel free to get in on the action and drop him a question during one of his live Q&A’s.

The man himself during one of his helpful videos

History Photographed

Fantastic images from, you guessed it, history. What makes this account special is the range of images on display, some of macabre humour, which inspire feelings of astonishment and downright disbelief.

In one picture, we witness a doctor performing surgery on himself to remove his own appendix! In another, a woman is wearing a bizarre face mask with a smile printed on it – she was undergoing an attitude adjustment programme. I guess the idea was to mask her bad attitude…

“A man begs for his wife’s forgiveness inside a Divorce Court, Chicago, 1948.”


Don’t jump!

Not for the faint hearted, this Instagram account will have you hiding behind your hands, squinting through your fingers incredulously.

Vitaliy Raskalov is a modern day daredevil, who revels at the idea of climbing the highest skyscrapers and man-built structures. The subsequent pictures are truly breath taking and if you have the stomach for it, are definitely worth a look.

Raskalov during one of his escapades


Brazilian street artists Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo are renowned for their unique style. Inspired by New York graffiti and hip-hop culture, their cartoony wall art is a breath of fresh air within a crowded genre.

If you’ve binged on Banksy and you’re looking for your next artistic hit, this is the place to go.

An original example of Osgemeos’ art and style

The Fat Jewish

Memes. Online Jokes. Everyone likes them. Everyone shares and recycles them. Only the talented few can actually create memes, and fewer still that can constantly produce funny yet tasteful jokes.

The Fat Jewish is an account which always seems to strike the right balance. His posts never fail to earn a chuckle, and in an online society where originality is hard to find, The Fat Jewish is a gem for new content.

Crap Taxidermy

Bonkers – absolute madness. I didn’t even realise this was a thing! As the title suggests, this is taxidermy with a twist.

Some may say it is a masterpiece of human ingenuity. Others may say it showcases our stupidity. Either way, I love this account. Some of the pictures are laugh-out-loud terrifying – you just cannot believe what some people will do.

One of my personal favourites

Amy Poehler Smart Girls

Who doesn’t love Amy Poehler? Best known as Lesley Knope from the hit series ‘Parks and Recreations’, she is an inspirational figure head.

Her account, co-founded with friend Meredith Walker, celebrates and empowers young girls and women. It contains motivational quotes from famous feminists, fan art and puppy photos. In her own words, Smart Girls was created to ‘celebrate your truest self. Why? Because you change the world by being yourself!’. Cheesy, but why not tuck into a bit of camembert every now and then…


One of the coolest photographers. Period.

Any musician in the last half a century who is worthy of note, Danny has snapped. Jay-Z , Neil Young, Kanye West, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Grohl – the list goes on and on. Not only has Danny got an impressive roll call, but the images are often candid and intimate, showing us a unique perspective of our favourite artists away from the stage.

Post Malone going for the classical candid pose

The Rock

All round good guy Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. How can one person be great at almost everything and still be likeable!?

His secret isn’t his inspirational early workout regimes, or his own-brand Tequila company, or his epic movie roles. His secret – his adorable little daughter Tia. If you haven’t yet seen him singing ‘You’re Welcome’ from the movie ‘Moana’ to Tia, then please do. It’s a must watch and will make your heart melt.

Tia enjoying a rendition of ‘You’re Welcome’ from her Dad. She still doesn’t know that her Dad is actually the real Maui!

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